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We are always have a need for volunteers for our various programs.  If you are interested please e-mail your name and number to"

In order to be a volunteer or chaperone at Reverend Brown it is required by the Diocese of Paterson, (in this order) to: complete a criminal background check, sign a code of conduct and complete a Virtus (Protecting God’s Children) training course.  The criminal background and code of conduct forms are available on this page.   Once your background check and code of conduct are on file with us you can proceed with Protecting God’s Children training course. Please go to to sign up for a session. 
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Requirements for Volunteer/Chaperones

In order to become a volunteer or chaperone at Reverend Brown School a three-step process is required by the Diocese of Paterson. The individual must:

1. Please read the attached Code of Pastoral Conduct, complete and return page 12.

2. Complete the Sterling background check form and submit it to the main office.

3. Attend a Virtus (Protecting God’s Children) Course.

Once steps one and two are complete, the person has 90 days in which to complete the Virtus training. A list of available classes and registration can be found at The volunteer must submit the certificate of completion to the Main Office.
The forms for steps one and two are available on the website and at the Main Office.

 Allergy Training Video

Volunteer Description of Services

Academic Bowl – The chairperson coordinates this annual event, usually held in the spring.

After School Clubs – The chairperson would coordinate the Fall & Spring Clubs; circulate sign-ups for both parent volunteers and club attendees, process all club sign-ups, coordinate classrooms to be used, process student fees and moderator payments through Rev. Brown Parent Guild Treasurer. Volunteers are needed to be club moderators; select activity, purchase supplies, moderate clubs after school on specified days (usually Tuesday after school until 4 p.m. in both October and March).

Baking Committee – For those happy bakers, a committee all your own! Your services are used for a number of functions as they occur during the school year. Possible times you may be asked to bake are: teachers’ meetings, forensic competition, open house, etc.

Bid for Kids Dinner – This is a fundraiser for The Time is Now campaign. volunteers are needed to obtain solicit donations, coordinate the dinner, prepare flyers and other printed material, set-up and support at the event.

Book Fair – The chairperson would organize two book fairs (Fall & Spring). Staff is needed during each fair for two hours on appropriate days to help the children select their books, write orders, deliver books, and to process the sales.

Boxtops - Assist with Boxtops for Education rewards program; may include marketing, boxtops prep.

Candy Sale – The chairperson works with the vendor over the summer, has the forms delivered, packets made for the students, and collects the money. Volunteers are needed for distribution of the candy, tracking extra orders and motivating students.

Catholic Schools Week – The chairperson works with the principal to coordinate the events of the week and monitors the various subcommittees. Volunteers are needed in many aspects, i.e., distribution of posters, writing publicity articles, baking, hospitality, setting up displays, etc.

Christmas Country Store – The chairperson coordinates the order with the vendor. Volunteers are needed for setup, to assist students with their purchases, wrap the presents, and pack up any remaining items.

5K - Assist with planning and coordination of 5K to be held in the Fall.  This event is a fundraiser for Catholic schools in Sussex County.

Forensics – Volunteers are needed to assist children in improving their speeches for competition and occasionally to transport students to competitions.

Golf Outing – Many volunteers are needed in various areas; solicit donations, sign-up golfers, prepare program, prepare/distribute flyers, set-up and support the day of the event.

Library – All volunteers work under the direction of the librarian and may be needed to check out books, assist students, cover books, etc.

Publicity – The chairperson would coordinate the distribution of press releases to the liaison of each local newspaper. Staff is needed to write copy based on events and accomplishments of the children.

SCRIP – Volunteers may be needed to support this program, filling orders, maintaining procedures, coordinating the billing of the Scrip Fee.

Special Lunch – Chairpersons/coordinators are responsible for setting up the menu, placing orders with vendors, processing the orders for class totals, distribution lists, deposit information, monitoring I.O.U.s, and staffing the kitchen for serving the lunch and clean-up. Volunteers fill the student orders by class, supervise children, and also clean up the kitchen.

Sunshine Club - Volunteers are needed to make and deliver a meal to a family that may in need.

Track – Volunteers are needed to assist in the practice sessions held after school in the spring. Volunteers are also needed to work at the track meets for timing/measuring and recording of events held. All volunteers work under the direction of the Physical Education teacher.

Uniform Exchange – The chairperson coordinates the collection and selling of used uniforms. This event is usually held during the summer.

Welcome Committee – The chairperson coordinates invitations, set-up, baking, and hospitality for the Welcome meeting for families new to Rev. Brown. This meeting is usually held during the first week of school. Volunteers are needed for set-up, baking, and to attend and welcome new families.